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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Here we have our own colorful symbol of Easter.

4 years & 4 months

There are days that go by without me switching on my camera. I definitely need some sort of daily project, I can't let this go away undocumented. Just look at those two little monkeys. They will grow up tomorrow and all I will have is this memory.

Random thoughts on shopping

I remember the feeling when we did the first big shopping for baby clothes in Varese and entered the girl side of kids' Zara.

I thought I would end up buying every-single-cute-little-outfit there. My husband, however, following the old habits, kept browsing boys' side, looking for girlie stuff. Change is not easy, huh?

Me, no matter where I go, I can't leave the photographic mind behind me, just kept thinking what would photograph well. Crazy stuff... But you can't deny, this one was a good choice, wasn't it?

Our days

Real life made of precious little moments like that. Looking at them makes me get up from my desk, go and kiss them all, now quietly sleeping in their beds.

My baby, quarter a year old

The most beautiful girl in the whole world she is (to me). Three month old now, can't believe how time flies.

Children birthday party * Lugano

I get to photograph children gatherings of all sorts, but most often I end up not publishing them. I'm very excited today to share moments from my boy's birthday party. He turned 4! My little boy is not that little anymore. Strangely though, the terrible twos are still on in full power. Apparently they don't end up with two, not even four. Let's hope it passes by by his next birthday!

Getting back to the topic. The season of carnaval is starting around in Ticino. Lukas was very happy with his Capitan America outfit. I have no idea, where and how he got to know all the super heroes - must be kindergarten influence. Anyway, he's very happy with it, so we thought of organizing a party for kids to dress up and practice before the carnaval. It was so much fun! Birthdays can be hard work to get organized, but seeing the kids happy running around and hugging their friends, the sparkles of joy in their eyes is priceless.


My pink sparrow

This is my little bundle of joy. 12 days old. My baby who murmurs like a kitten, has the softest skin and smiles with her eyes when looking at me. I'm still on the other planet on the 'babymoon', slowly getting back to normal life. Wish it would last longer... Strangely enough I felt hesitant even to photograph her, then regretting it. She already changed so much since she was born. I have to remind myself, I can't miss even one day without having a memory of the way she is. Looking at this I can even smell her, my little pink sparrow ♥

Naturally princess - family photography in Lugano

I've been planning to go on maternity leave at least one month before my baby girl is born. Today I count less than three weeks left and I'm still working. Why? I keep asking myself this, why? I was planning to finally complete my boy's photo albums, do some pink baby cloth shopping, decorate the house, relax and prepare for the arrival of new family member.

So why I'm still working? I don't have a specific answer to this question apart from the clear fact that I love to do what I do. And when I can capture moments like this, I feel it's so worth it.

However, perhaps today was my last photography session before the break. At least so I promised to myself.

My little sweetheart

We are preparing our home for the arrival of new baby. After hanging a heart bunting we had a little chat how much we are waiting for the baby sister. My little boy is going to be a big brother. Lots of challenges ahead for my little sweetheart.