Children birthday party * Lugano

I get to photograph children gatherings of all sorts, but most often I end up not publishing them. I'm very excited today to share moments from my boy's birthday party. He turned 4! My little boy is not that little anymore. Strangely though, the terrible twos are still on in full power. Apparently they don't end up with two, not even four. Let's hope it passes by by his next birthday!

Getting back to the topic. The season of carnaval is starting around in Ticino. Lukas was very happy with his Capitan America outfit. I have no idea, where and how he got to know all the super heroes - must be kindergarten influence. Anyway, he's very happy with it, so we thought of organizing a party for kids to dress up and practice before the carnaval. It was so much fun! Birthdays can be hard work to get organized, but seeing the kids happy running around and hugging their friends, the sparkles of joy in their eyes is priceless.


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