Family photography * Comano

You've met the women of this family already - they have been with me and in front of my camera since I first took it in my hands. It's always fun to spend time with them. And this time, before Christmas season we went out for a walk around Comano for family portraits to be used for Christmas cards. Comano is a village just outside Lugano. I was surprised at how nice and cosy it is.

Me and Lukas went there for the English speaking mother-toddler group 'Primi passi' that I can only recommend. My little boy hears English around him all the time, but as it's his third language, never uses it. I already see that after a few nursery rhyme songs he started saying a word or two in English. And I'm humming those for the rest of the week. I'm a little teapot short ant stout.. here is my handle and... back to the family. Enjoy!

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